Description Professional IPS Performance Desktop Display delivers uncompromising image quality as well as minimising life-cycle environmental impact. Uniting outstanding colour reproduction, class-leading ergonomics, an built-in carbon savings meter, Ambient Light…

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NEC MultiSync® EA224WMi features an extremely thin LED backlight panel with IPS technology which results in an ultra-modern and slim design in combination with a premium feature set for the…

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Description NEC MultiSync® EA271Q – future-proof professional office productivity, matching premium visualisation with superior ergonomics The 27” highly adjustable visual surface with 1440p Quad HD resolution delivers 1.75 times more content…

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Description NEC MultiSync® EA271U – outstanding pixel-free visualisation with future-proof professional office productivity Where highest detail display quality is of the utmost importance, only 4K UHD resolutions can provide the perfect…

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Description NEC MultiSync® EA295WMi – the wide format desktop and digital signage experience The NEC MultiSync® EA295WMi with 29" IPS LED backlight panel provides a resolution of 2560 x 1080 which results…

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Description NEC MultiSync® E233WMi – maximum flexibility for a healthy performance The 23” 16:9 wide screen display targeting entry-level office applications. With its IPS panel providing wide viewing angles, the screen…

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Description NEC MultiSync® PA271Q – outstanding professional office and creative productivity, with colour reproduction you can trust With superior colour management combined with outstanding ergonomic features, this 27” display benefits from…

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