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NetQ - The Enhance Network Queue Solutions

NetQ provide clients with the latest technology and innovative solutions to Queue Management System.

  • Flexible Choice of Technology
  • User Friendly
  • Accessibility
  • Central Monitoring
  • Queue and Digital Signage Technology

Wired Configuration

Wireless Configuration


Queue Controller
The Queue Controller is the brain of the system and it controls the other peripherals such as the Customer Display, the Ticket Machine and the Keypads. Within the Queue Controller sits the Queue Controller Operating Software that handles all the logics for the Queue System, collects the raw data and converting them and reports.
Queue Customer Display
The Queue Customer Display is the display screen that will be used to notify the customers that their number is being called. There are 8 templates for user to choose from at the setup. Queue Customer Display is also able to be customised to fit our client's corporate image.
Queue Keypads : Intelli Touch Keypad + On Screen Keypad
The Queue Keypads are used to call forward the customers in queue to be served. There are 2 versions of Keypads available for clients to choose from. The 2 types of keypads are the Intelli-Touch Keypad and the On-Screen Keypads.
  • The Intelli-Touch Keypads is a keypad that uses sense touch technology. It comes with 16 touch sensitive keys and a LCD display for information.
  • The On-Screen Keypad is a software based keypad that is used to call forward customers waiting in queue to be served.
Queue Ticket Machine and Kiosk
The Queue Ticket Machine dispenses tickets for the clients according to their selection for the services they require. Using thermal printing method, there is no need for users to replace ink cartridges. There are 2 types of Queue Ticket Printers: The Ticket Machine and The Touch Screen Ticket Machine.