Versatile, maintenance-free, entry-level installation projectors with excellent quietness

Filter-free Structure with NEC’s Original Cooling System

NEC’ s Unique Sealed LCD Panel Cooling System
High dustproof performance is achieved by NEC’s proprietary sealed jet impingement cooling structure. Due to its excellent dustproof performance, this projector does not have the cumbersome filters that ordinary LCD projectors require. The new laser-based LCD projector offers better TCO (total cost of ownership) with less maintenance.

Super Silent Design Utilising a Sealed Structure

 Super Silent Design Utilising a Sealed Structure

The unique cooling system not only improves the dustproof performance but also reduces the noise of the fan. This quiet design achieves excellent quietness of 22 dB in ECO mode. Even in a very quiet meeting room or classroom, the presence of the projector is not felt.

A Long-life Laser Diode is Provided in the Light Module
Advanced laser technology delivers a reliable light source up to 20,000 hours.

Maintains the Set Brightness for a Long Time
The projector is equipped with a “constant brightness mode” that detects changes in brightness due to aging and automatically adjusts the output to keep the brightness constant. This makes it possible to project with stable brightness for a long time.

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